What a Buzz .. Warwick !!

Today I had the pleasure of talking briefly with the Mayor of the Southern Downs Regional Council , Tracy Dobie.

A stop at the local Telstra Shop for assistance with the latest IPad for my Blogging led me to meet Tracy and between the Telstra Ladies and myself we regaled her with thoughts of Warwick, what to dos and where to sees. What an absolutely beautiful woman she is and extremely passionate about the Warwick Shire. After talking of our concerns about Tourism and getting small business on the tourist map, talk turned to the differences between

Warwick and Stanthorpe, one championing Wine and Craft Beers, gardens and vegetables and the other having a thriving sports presence that enables local motels and B&Bs to thrive whilst other local businesses benefit as well.

Morgan Park was spoken of with its high sporting reservations, some 40+ weekends a year there is an event out at the Morgan Park grounds, be it horses, motorbikes or racing cars of every type, there is a wealth of activity in Warwick. To look around at this beautiful town, there are so many friendly faces, the pace is not fast and the smiles are wide.

There are a wealth of schools, volunteer organisations and business holders. Local Market gardeners, produce availability weekly along with mechanical parts and servicing that is well priced and run by friendly local people.

While I struggled initially to understand where I could fit in this gorgeous town, I am starting to see the unlimited potential in Warwick, the people that are always happy to smile or wave as you walk or drive by, the chats at the Post office and the cordial greetings at the coffee shops.

With the help of some local mothers I have also been made aware of cost free entertainment for the children, day trips to local dams, Queen Mary falls in November is abundant with fireflies and glow worms (I learnt today) and the local parks and river walks are second to none the most beautiful, clean, areas in Warwick. Again I am being reminded that there is no reason to sit indoors, less reason to shut myself away and feel alone.

I just needed to reach out with a kind word and get a conversation started. Feel free to reach out and start a conversation with me today, share your ideas and views, I look forward to the conjecture.

Before I go…Shout out to the wonderful staff at the Telstra Shop in Rose City Shopping Centre. Best service ever, honest, friendly and down to earth. Considering they are under the pump with customers everywhere I never saw anything but smiles. Thanks guys, I’ll be sure to check in for more local hints and tips.

Till then

Smile and Breathe Deep..

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