From Personal Banker to W.O.W

Being a farmers wife, its a off the cuff pun to joke about the dreaded bank manager.

This is so far removed from the experiences that I have had with my own personal banker here in Warwick. While everyone has a preferred bank and reasoning for, I am proud to be an ANZ customer and was grateful to meet Anne-Lousie Byrne. As is my tendancy, I babble on in a vain attempt to create a connection when I am with strangers and mentioned my blog and what I hoped to achieve not only on a personal level but also to promote Warwick.

The response I received was amazing, Anne-Louise was so happy to recommend me to other like minded people, and suggested I get involved with the Chamber of Commerce, but more over the Women of Warwick WOW group. Whilst it sounds like an elite fraternity, I am told it is a group of local women, sharing their stories and inspiring others.

Well say no more..I want in!!

As I explained to Anne-Louise, it isnt a well advertised, known group, without thorough research on Warwick and all its committees and sub-committees there are so many businesses and organisations that are just not visual in a world that demands internet presence.

My brief time so far in Warwick has been a struggle personally, for an outwardly brave, strong, in control women I became a recluse in 2 months. I did not know where to begin, who to reach out to and even when I was told what meetings to attend, I was too scared to go, its hard meeting new people and not knowing what questions would come my way I shyed away from anything that possibly may have helped me.

Well thats me for today …

Till Next Time

Breathe Deeply and Keep Smiling

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