The Overwhelming Reality

# I am dedicating this to everyone who has reached out to me with love support and their own stories and I want you all to know how much I appreciate the time you took to pen a response and to open up about your own pain. I was in a very dark place last week and from that pain came this idea. I needed to know I was not alone on this journey and with all your love and support I know all is going to be ok.

It strikes me regularly that we may be living our lives but we are not seeing those around us. We all have our own battles but we do not see clearly our friends, relatives and everyday citizens struggling to find their way.

I sit back when I go out in Warwick and I look at those around me, there is a man that lies on the benches lining the main street, I am yet to talk to him, but he fascinates me with his lounging presence and this is made all the more curious as he is dressed very very well, suit, tie, polished shoes. He wears terminator sunglasses with his hair slicked back and relaxes on the benches with one arm holding his head up.

You see the mystery of this gentleman makes me smile because I know there is a story behind those glasses, I know this because as sure as the sun rises there is a story behind all of us.

So I am sharing mine with those around me and also I hope it is flying across the oceans to other shores so that someone out there understands that they are not alone on this journey, they are always welcome to chat with me and I hope my words inspire others to talk to a stranger, strike up a conversation in a queue or smile and make small talk at the butchers. It is very easy to get stuck in social media, heads down looking at the phone screen instead of talking, but it is so much more fun to speak to another soul and share a piece of yourself.

As I often say…’ I woke up this morning, which was a heck of a good start when so many didnt wake up at all…’

Till next time

Breathe Deep and Smile


2 thoughts on “The Overwhelming Reality

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  1. This to is something I try and do. People watching is what my mum used to call it.We would sit and try to read a person’s story by watching them. After I told my version mum would ask me questions. Why do the have lunch alone, who are they waiting for, what would happen if. And you know you will never know if you don’t ask and listen.
    Many hours were spent like this while we were on holidays as money wasnt plentiful so out own entertainment was made. I think that these “games” have made me a more observant person, better listener, and I pray compassionate friend.
    Thanks Mum.

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    1. That’s exactly right , you are an incredible person Helen and a Stella listener . People watching isn’t as fun as talking, asking and sharing but it is fun and makes us all feel less alone xx


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