Warwick Ladies River Walk

Thank you to the wonderful ladies, children and canine that turned up at 9am today to go on the River Walk.

In a bid to make contacts in Warwick and stave off the loneliness I saw a post from another Rachel , saying exactly what I was feeling, looking to meet people, get out and about and just not feel so alone.

This gathering isn’t only about doing exercise, it is an amazing location to get to know those around us and share our stories with others, whilst enjoying the river, flora, fauna and wildlife.

To open yourself up, to give the small snippets of information that spark a light of recognition in another is an incredible connection that inspires kinship.

So I truly encourage anyone that has the time to come on down and meet some locals who really want to meet YOU. Let’s build a strong community that fosters acceptance and generosity and enjoy the beautiful town we get to call Home.

Look up Warwick Ladies River Walk on Facebook. 9am Monday and 3.30 Wednesday afternoons and any interest in a later walk, I like to head over around 3 times a week with my dogs at 5.00 ish and would love to have company..Don’t be afraid to show up and say Hi!

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