One day I might ….

It is harder than you think to find what is meant for your life . Some people are born with a definitive path for the future . Parents that are Drs breed Drs and musicians breed musically inclined children. Personally I was a horse rider (not a good one) and I passed that love to my kids.other than that I have no discernible skills, I love a lot of things, art, colouring, decorating, cleaning/organising, gardening. More over I have a lot of desire to do everything but no real idea of how to achieve it.

Most recently I hired a clarinet and am teaching myself how to play. When I was a child I played the recorder and thought I was the best recorder player ever . I begged my parents for a saxophone and they agreed that if I could learn a musical piece from a music book On my recorder they would get me one, as a child I do believe I did learn that piece but I never got the saxophone .. the reality is probably more like mum and dad could not live through another shrieking instrument repetitively playing in their house. So now my home is filled with the shrill noise I create on the clarinet for a wonderful 30 minutes a day.

I challenge all of you out there to do just one thing that you have put off, step out of your comfort zone, take the ideas off the rainy day shelf and see what you are capable of, you will find an empowerment beyond words.

Live your truth

Smile and Breath Deep x

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