Lunch with a friend is chicken soup for the soul…

Today I have had the opportunity to have lunch with a great friend of mine Cheryl .

I wonder if anyone else is like me ? Do you have all these grand plans to meet up and have lunch and invite people to stay with you whenever they are near your place , only to get to the time set or day and pull out with pitiful excuses of time, appointments or work .. I have that happen a lot and when I hit rock bottom I decided any opportunity I passed up would be one I’d regret so I try hard now to commit and embrace the feelings of worry, stress and anxiety experienced when I make plans.

Sounds strange even to me but I feel that our lives become a safe bubble ,

We know when we go home we are free from judgement and can truly relax, then inviting Someone into that space becomes an anxious roller coaster .

When I lost Tom I found that when you have people over you have to entertain them, be available and that was a strain for obvious reasons but that is my personality .. I feel it broke me a little and now I experience overwhelming feelings of fear when I do have plans .

Saying that however I had lunch today and am so glad I did . To hear about the goings on in her world especially as I love her family so much was just the medicine I needed to remind me that time with a friend gives you perspective and understanding for someone else and stops you dwelling on your own problems. In most cases it melts away your issues and replaces them with endless possibilities .

Thankyou Cheryl

Smile and Breath Deeply xxx

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