Checkout Chicks Rock

Yesterday afternoon I had my first shift at Woolworths on Checkouts.

For years I and others have made fun of the humble check out chick and I am here today to say .. We have been very unfair.

Whilst you may think that it is a mind numbing job, on the contrary it is a position that requires speed, accuracy and fighting with the plastic bags at ever turn. Lob that with customers that have had bad days or are struggling with their children, and the ones that are nice beyond measure and you have without a doubt found the ultimate customer service role.

We put teenagers into this role and make light hearted jokes at their expense …but at the end of the day I now have a new found respect for everyone that is or was ever on a checkout.


You see I love customer service, I love to talk and I love to interact with kids and elderly people. I feel this is what I was born to do…gone are the days of sitting behind a desk and watching the clock, this position in one shift has shown me the family mentality of Woolworths, I am yet to encounter one other employee that isn’t smiling, positive or encouraging..( I do not have blinkers, I am sure there may be some somewhere) but I have not seen anyone yet that didn’t accept me as a team member.

Pair that with my love of ordering, give me a conveyor belt full of items that you have to Meccano together into bags whilst navigating instructions from customers….It’s awesome.

So lets just take a moment to recognize those we may have ridiculed in the role of checkout chick and appreciate the job they do and I know if you get me on a register , the smiles they bring…

Thankyou Woolworths for giving me this opportunity.

Smile and Breath Deep Everyone

Live your truth

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