Rainy Days and Porridge

Weather has to be a contributing factor to the feelings of well being that we experience.

Whenever it is raining or gloomy outside I get a wave of melancholy that seems to drag down my mood.

To wake up and not feel the Vitamin D of sunlight seems to negatively affect me, and in order to break out of this craziness I have to keep constantly reminding myself that ..the sun will come out..tomorrow..

Then the mood brings me to food and regardless of what I should eat I have to turn to warm comfort food…heck I eat the same thing every morning, but when it rains it almost says I am allowed to eat it, even though on a normal day I have terrible guilt as I eat my toast with melting peanut butter…mmmm So I opt for porridge today, and feed Georgia and Lynden the same, and the smiles are big and tummy’s are full and I feel in a tiny tiny way like I did a good thing for myself and my family….then I look outside and it is still gloomy..

Ok…the porridge was great, but now I am looking for my next mood elevator, I want to be able to fill the void the vitamin deficiency has left me with….chocolate will have to do …but its only 10am, oh well it has to be OK…its only this once and its a crappy day…

Eat the chocolate and feel so bad and sick and wonder why I did it in the first place…

Now I think I better have another coffee because…well just because

Then water so I don’t dehydrate and back to hunger ….mmm sun please return so that I don’t become the size of a small country and then live with weeks of food remorse.

Go outside I tell myself, hang out clothes, weed the garden, wash the car…. No its miserable outside…sit on couch and watch TV…. my mind just wont stop telling me I am a lazy bugger and need to get off my lazy butt… OH MIND SHUT UP!!! ITs CRAPPY OUTSIDE !!!!!

But wait, I see a break in the clouds….hooray…I think the garden needs some work and the horse yards need cleaning….better get outside 🙂

Amazing how that piece of sunlight changes my outlook…Goodness I’m glad it has returned…

Smile and Breath Deeply everyone….Get out and enjoy the sun

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