Stop waiting for a rainy day …

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

For most of us I am sure we have a lot of gems of wisdom, but the most profound piece given to me was from my grandmother.

When I was a child, I would be given, soaps and bath salts and body cremes as well as having my Sunday/Town clothes.

But my grandmother said to me…Wear your perfume to bed, use the pretty soaps and cremes and wear your best clothes, because the rainy day you are waiting for may never come.

This made so much sense to me, so now I wear perfume to bed every night, put on the hand creams, lip balm and unpack the soaps when I get them.

I wear as many of my clothes as is possible and my toiletry range forever changes.

My grandmother was so very right, life can be short, but we can also live a long time waiting for the perfect moment to use the things we are given. So that’s my advice to you all, use the things you are saving for the rainy day, or do the things you are putting off, because tomorrow is not promised to us.

Smile and Breath Deep xx

2 thoughts on “Stop waiting for a rainy day …

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  1. I agree Bella. I never understood why people have the good China, silverware & glasses only to be used for a special occasion. Everyday is special & there is nothing better than enjoying your meal, drinking a cup of tea from fine china, having a glass of wine from the good glasses. Enjoy what you have & don’t wait for the rainy day.

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