Apple juice and a scary crocodile…..

It’s amazing what can affect our children. Sam was actually expelled from pre-school as a small boy because he became aggressive and was biting and hitting other children. This behavior just escalated over a short amount of time. As a concerned parent I took him to the Dr and we discussed his routine, right down to the books we read him at night and the TV and Music he listened to. We found through a process of elimination that the Apple Juice he was having at morning tea was too full of sugar and was reacting in his little body due to a preservative 238. I made the typical parenting mistake, thinking that juice was good for my child. This along with a Audio tape that we played every morning and afternoon going into town and home were creating a pent up aggression in Sam. The Audio book was Roald Dahls The enormous Crocodile. This story was actually scaring Sam, he would listen and smile and recite some of the story, but at night it was manifesting in a negative way in his tiny forming brain and his only outlet for the fear was to attack.

We try to do our very best for our children but in the end we can sometimes do harm.. however each an every time there is a setback we learn and move forward not repeating the mistake.

Smile and Breath Deep everyone

Enjoy the moments

Embrace the mistakes

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