Embracing what your good at….and using it to be happy!

How many of you are struggling with knowing what it is you are good at ? Any of you wondering how you will ever find your niche in this life ?

I want to be positive, I want to have a positive affect on others and I’d like to think i have a gift at making people feel touched by my words but how is that a vocation? I have some great friends that are without a doubt the best in their positions, they were made to be heads of tourism and managers of machinery businesses, not to mention small business owners and mechanics and workshop managers but does everyone else struggle to find their area ?

I think this constant questioning is a concern for me as a parent because how can I honestly help my daughter with her direction when I’m lost finding mine !!

So I read this to my daughter and she nods her understanding and I think agreeance and proceeds to tell me that we all have our own path and no amount of advice and looking around at others can really tell us what we should do.

the wisdom in a 16 year old can sometimes be quite profound.

I then went on to discuss it with a good friend over the weekend and we both pondered about our strengths.

The question I suppose is …What are you good at? What do you do that brings you infinite joy?

Isn’t that what the key is? The embracing of your personal excellence and using it to make a great life.

Today especially – Live Your Truth

Smile and Breath Deep

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