Grateful Every Day

What a day it was for me on Thursday, if they say the small things are the best, I had a tin of hundreds and thousands. Haircut, laughs and coffee with Kath and a super sweaty gym work out…. THEN… got called into work, so I had the very best day.

Over the years I have not taken the time to just appreciate a day for what it is, I have wasted many of them by believing they were full of drudgery and nothingness, but if we all take a moment each night and just find the high points, the conversations with a friend, the laughs with our kids or the driver that seemed to be unworthy of a license I think there is always a high point. Even on a day completely at home, the highs can come from a new flower in the garden or that amazing feeling when the house is clean and you inhale the freshness. Even the moment in your day where you fall into the couch and crack a chocolate bar open….mmmm

I downloaded an app last week to track the gratitude in my life, so everyday I have to take a picture and list 3 things that I’m grateful for, 3 things fantastic that happened in my day and something I could have improved on….It really has helped me to get into the right mindset in the morning and then at night I can track how that worked for me….not to mention in only a week the pics are already hilarious… Check it out for yourself…. 5 Journal

Smile and Breath Deeply


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