Trying to find the Silence

Do you ever sit back and wonder at everyone else’s life, mindset and motivation?

I think for as long as I remember I have had a mind that simply never slows down, it is forever wondering and questioning all the people places and things that occur in the world.

I sit in a coffee shop and ponder passing traffic and people walking dogs, the building processes at the shopping Centre. The level of theft in the town, the house construction rate, the state of the roads, the council workings, employment….the list goes on and on in a revolving wheel that never seems to stop turning.

I don’t think this is normal, I download the meditation apps and soothing music to no avail, because even in my zen moments I am plagued with the thoughts of I doing this right, what was that noise, the washing machine beeping and the general clutter that my mind seems to always go back to.

How can I stop the noise? Considering my brain ticks even on the mower with music booming in my ears.

It seems that no matter what I do, the older I get the more I process and the less I manage to get done. Is there a quick fix, a silence that I can achieve to be able to stop the anxiety creeping into my chest?

Trying to find the silence is my challenge, I go through the motions of a normal day and find that I make a spot for meditation or nothingness but instead of having to actually sit and try to do it I find other more pressing things to fill my time, after all I rationalize that I simply cannot stop my mind if there is an ongoing list of must dos in my head.

The thing is there is always a must do isn’t there? There is always a job that we put off, something that should be completed, something to be cleaned, organized or started.

For now I will imagine it is a beautiful place, a holiday destination that I will put on my bucket list and one day visit. My rainy day destination.

Smile and Breath Deep Everyone

PS…Don’t hesitate to contact me and share your way to silence, I can use the tips !!

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