I’m just too normal to write a book….

A few people have thrown out the idea that I should write a book, but what sought of book would I write, I cant claim to be a self-help guru, I have no formal education, I have had to navigate this path I am on pretty much alone, learning as I go that you have to research and read and look for all the sides to any given situation, scenario, story.

You cannot throw out what you think without making sure you are making a politically, socially acceptable comment. You must always check your statements for their potential to bruise someone else. In some instances I have told my story candidly enough that people know what I have done, who I have hurt and where I have been in my mind and on the planet. But I have not named and shamed anyone in particular.

When you write a book I think you need to consider that you need to be candid, you really have to be prepared to speak your truth and be transparent.

You cannot expect someone to buy or care about your ramblings unless it resonates. This is easier to achieve with honesty, because as I have learnt, people like the dirt in a situation, they like the cold hard facts, we are a race of gossips and people that want to know absolutely everything about every situation.

Perhaps I could write of navigating the teen years whilst still feeling like a teen at times too.

A self help book to raising children that have no clue like me …

Remember as I have said before, I am very normal, I grew up believing that I was so normal that nothing would ever happen in my life to make me anything but normal. I developed believing that I was between the middle and lower classes and that with hard work and determination, along with impeccable manners and respect for elders I could become anything I wanted to be, but more over, I could be a normal functioning human being, and create a safe and happy life……blahhhhhh

I want to live large, I want to be apart of every crowd without being in any, I have been fortunate to have multiple jobs, I have worked hard for all I have achieved and I pride myself on not feeling as though I am better then anyone else, I watch a lot of entrepreneur videos and read up on their mindset and the only point of confusion for me comes from the statement that we have to fly with a similar group to grow and learn, we have to surround ourselves with successful people if in fact we wish to be successful, but I have always instilled in my children that they are no better then anyone else and that fostering friendship with those that are left out, different to us, poor, sad, lonely, that they will have a friendship that is far more valuable then with those with the it crowd.

So does that say something about the person I am, does it direct me to a different vocation, does it say I am destined to be around those less fortunate, to be happy with mediocre because that is where I am most comfortable?

I think in one respect it does, because I choose working class, I choose the down and out because they treat me with equal respect and honesty. I am not taken in by the presence of those above me, I met Gerry Harvey once and the one thing that I thought was bizarre was the way all the other staff at Harvey Norman were acting in his presence , even before he arrived they were all buzzing about how amazing he was and what an honor it was for him to come to our store…He is just a man, a man with the same pair of shoes that he has had resoled infinite times. He is just Gerry Harvey. He woke up just like us, ate breakfast, got dressed and came to work. He struggles like we do, he came from nothing and to me, he was just a man so thats how I treated him, he is just a man and a very nice one to boot. I think we forget that we all were born and raised and taught the same things, some struggle, some in wealth, poverty, cultural diversity, all of that aside, we are just US. It’s what we do on the path that makes us different, but the battles we wage have been waged before and the victories and losses have been dealt with also, we are just people on a path to the end, you could liken it to Groundhog Day as we navigate the identical path of others before us.

Let’s just remember that we are all on that road, we are all just human, no one person is BETTER than another, wealth will not help us in the end, we all have the same destination, how we get there may vary but we will all close our eyes and they will never open again, so enjoy the journey, learn from those that inspire you, live a good honest life and enjoy the moments.

Smile and Breath Deep

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