Changing my thoughts ….

Never Give Up, Live with Passion, Be Confident, Learn something new everyday

When you start to read the works of our leaders and those that have succeeded these are the consistent messages in the pages of their books.

We do not want to live a life of mediocrity, that is the truest and yet hardest statement because 95% of the population do.

As I have said all the way through my blog, I am so normal its almost embarrassing, I don’t see myself as extraordinary or capable of greatness on a daily basis, but that mind set is where we go wrong, we all have the potential to be great, we are just happy to settle for what we have, its easier, its possible and its normal.

5% of the population are working everyday to achieve at a higher level, I am flawed by that figure, here I am trying to inspire my children to reach higher and achieve goals and be successes in their own right, but as I read and learn I know it is a process that we need to be sharing and nurturing in our children from birth, not as they reach the end of their high school education. We need to be giving them the tips and advice and strategies to become this pinnacle human, we as a society are being dumbed down. As my husband always says, an uneducated society is an easily led society.

A bit like, its easy to lead in fear, when people are scared they are looking for leadership and direction, when there is chaos there is an opportunity for control.

So what is the answer? Or should I say where do we begin?

It has to start with positivity

Go to bed telling yourself you are going to wake up ready to start a new day, you will be well rested and looking forward to tomorrow.

Waking up and telling yourself this is going to be a great day .

These 2 simple things seem so crazy right? But so easy, we set our day in motion with our thoughts, we set our sleep in motion with our thoughts, so if we can consistently change our thoughts and upgrade them if you will, we can ultimately change our thinking and in turn we change our lives….

I dare you to change just one thing and test if it works for you. This is the second morning I have woken up at 5am, actually it was 4.45am and I fell asleep quickly last night, waking up ready to start this process again, I look forward to the process if you can imagine that. Just 2 days ago I would wake up and want to stay in bed, but I am changing my mindset.

I am going to reprogram my thoughts, I am going to try harder to achieve the things I feel I can’t …

Today, each moment I am becoming empowered, I am positive and I believe in myself ..

Smile and Breath Deeply

And remember to live your truth ..

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