Everyone has a story…you just need to listen

When did we become so jaded?

Yesterday was a day to feel grateful for me, I was fortunate to get a couple through my checkout with a story that would make you cry ( I almost did ) . The husband in a wheelchair had suffered a stroke and could not talk but could communicate perfectly well with hand signals and acknowledgement of conversation. The gorgeous wife had been diagnosed with Cancer at the beginning of 2017, so 12 months on and they continue to battle through the cards they have been dealt, but they were both so happy and purely grateful that they had woken up that morning. In typical me form I had to give them both a hug, their story touched me deeply, they made me feel in a single interaction that I had a world of grateful in my life, and I am truly truly lucky..TODAY

None of us know what tomorrow will bring, we all hear that don’t we, it is spouted from every angle and the older we get the more that is very true, unfortunately I shared this story with other staff and was confronted with a barrage of negativity, the off hand comments that ‘ I’ll get over that quick enough’, ‘work here long enough and you will have heard it all’, ‘you’ll want to put them out of their misery soon enough’. What has happened to our society? are our own issues too great to see those around us, are we forgetting that there is always someone suffering far more than us ? In that moment in my lunch room, I pushed my chair back from the table and I exhaled the attitudes and I stayed silent, I had hit a wall and I am determined to not try and change the thinking of those in that mindset, I am determined to stay the person I am, the empathetic, kind and caring person that I know I am. Is it to my detriment that I feel this way? I see on a daily basis at work elderly people who have no one and go home to a quiet and lonely life, the same as the one I was living that drove me to deep depression. If I had a mission it would be to make sure no one felt that depth of loneliness ever again, but that is far too great a mission for one person. How do I reach the people that need company and are skeptical of opening their hearts to it, in a world where the elderly are taken advantage of more than loved and cared for.

It’s not only the elderly though, its the disabled as well, the misunderstood with their big smiles and open hearts, the wheelchair bound and those burdened with a twisted body but a mind in tact.

I watch as people roll their eyes or avoid them, I watch as they look on in disgust when they have to wait a little longer for those with delays to process their orders on the checkout. I see the way they are deemed in our society, I have witnessed the carers seemingly at their wits end dealing with their charges, and I question why they bother to do this job, jobs aren’t always about the money, we have to stop and realize that to take on a position we have to embrace it for the position not the financial means it supplies us.

Today we need to embrace our jobs, we need to look at what the job is about and emulate what is required. I may now be a checkout operator, but that duty to me includes being open, friendly and available for the customer, it includes having an understanding nature and being able to deal with a diverse range of people, attitudes and ailments. You know what? I love it and I’m bloody good at it. Out of the 50 or more customers I serve in a shift, I try to enhance their day in some way, if they are tired, sick, lonely, happy, busy, distracted, I try and help them to enjoy the moment.

If we all change the thought pattern of someone everyday, if we all practice grateful, loving interactions we can change the world we live in one smile at a time.

Smile and Breath Deeply Everyone

Live your truth and share your love x

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