The Countdown has begun

School is just about done for 2017 and in my house that means, dinners, assemblies and wrangling out of the last day …

Not only are we on the countdown for school, but Christmas is now 34 days away and before then we have 2 teenage parties, work and the associated social engagements of a 16 year old.

Now my days consist of forward thinking to when my child, the last one in the home is going to be self sufficient and have her P’s so that she will be able to drive herself everywhere without the need for me to be Uber Mum. This thought fills me with joy but at the same time dread because then…What ?? If I am not needed for lifts and I don’t get to have conversations daily on the way to and from school, how will I ever know what is going on in my child’s life, after all it is terribly hard to get a conversation out of a teenager through a closed bedroom door …

You know I make it sound rather dramatic, I make it sound like living with a teenager is like living in a funeral parlor, whilst I do it for laughs, I am mostly being very honest. Snapchat and Facebook have taken away my beautiful girl and replaced it with a child that should wear a helmet when leaving the house Incase she crashes into something whilst eyeballs deep on her phone ..

This beautiful child that laughs sporadically and may look like a deranged looney to a stranger watching her bizarre facial expressions.

The only way I can combat this is to become one of the people she snaps and messages, thats right I have to become super cool Uber Mom and fly just low enough that she throws me the odd scrap to make me feel included. At least her friends seem to like me.

Fingers crossed I can maintain a safe distance and remain in the circle of friends and not end up on the blocked list.

Smile and breath Deeply Everyone

Live Your truth

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