We are forgetting to enjoy Christmas ..

The Christmas nightmare is starting to roll here in Warwick, I suppose because I am on the other end of a checkout I see the manic behaviour, hear the stories of money woes and the lament of those that are yet to begin their Christmas shopping..of which I am one.

I am yet to make a dent on the present hunt that is required to fulfill at least my immediate family needs.

I have to make sure that I cover all bases, double check who I am likely to run into and have back up chocolates on hand to give to the odd guests that appear last minute, unfortunately I don’t really feel as though it is a reciprocated measure anymore. The constant comment is being made that without children Christmas is a hollow time of year. I suppose that is true, the sound of children laughing and playing is the best part of Christmas, being woken early to Santa came is one of the memories I will always hold dear.

One day I hope to experience it again with grandchildren, until then I will content myself with the gorgeous faces of the children I see when they happen upon Santa in the Shopping centre.

Just yesterday Santa visited the centre and I found myself so completely besotted with the sound of the bell he chimed and the jolly Ho Ho Ho, it took me back to being a kid myself and that is a memory that I will forever be grateful that I have.

You see it seems to me that we are changing so much in todays society, we are putting Santa aside to pay bills and just survive in some cases, we are so scared for our children of potential pedophiles that we are taking away the pure joy and pleasure that Santa and in turn Christmas can bring. Instead we focus on the negative, the cost, the waste, the spoiling, the toys that break in minutes and the food bill that seems astronomical.

It is without a doubt the most wonderful time of the year if we could all just see and embrace that small fact.

Let’s take it back to the basics …

Getting together with family

Enjoying a meal together and finding our Grateful moments to savior in the years to come.

Smile and Breath deep everyone

Merry Christmas x

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