Spare a thought for those with no one

Writing a little bit about life everyday is a great way to release your thoughts. I have kept a diary for many years and whilst it has been some 10 years since this diligence halted, I have always had a strong desire to pen the thoughts in my mind, that blank page deal is still appealing to me.

So my thoughts for today circle around those that are alone, after watching a SBS program on an elderly lady that had died some 6 months prior and had not been found, left alone she had actually decomposed to such a degree that the milk in the fridge was the easiest way to estimate time deceased.

I never want to be that lady. I never want to be so alone that I die and no one notices. While I am no longer afraid of death itself, I really loath that awful feeling of loneliness, that day on day emptiness, it erodes every corner of your mind and the desolation is all encompassing.

So how do we do something to stop this happening, how do we change a society that is determined to become more self absorbed, more involved in Social Media then what is happening next door (unless the gossip of next door is on Facebook)

There has to be a way to reach out to these lonely individuals that no longer feel they have someone, Christmas makes these feelings all the more dire, there are so many sad people, and the saddest thing still is that they become so used to the routine of their life that they actually no longer know how to speak to the neighbors, or involve themselves in the community in which they live. They isolate themselves eventually and then the habit becomes a cage for the remainder of their lives.

We need a new initiative, release from the guilded cage or something of the like, to help those that have forgotten how to help themselves, a safe place where they do not need to feel like they may become a victim of scams or treated like a no body.

I have broached the idea of a teenage cafe in Warwick, a place for the youth to hang out in an environment that is inviting to them. A place to display their art, use their musical talent to perform at open mic events. Read in quiet corners or do live skits, whatever it is that they feel comfortable doing but is solely for the younger generation.

This idea along with a safe place for those with no one else are my 2 focal ideas for the future. The two groups that most need our help and most need our attention, respect and appreciation.

How do you approach people and make them feel at ease so that they know you just want to be a friend, how do you break the ice so that they feel comfortable and at ease? That is the next thing I need to look at. Unfortunately I think there is a stigma behind the foundations that help out those in need, it caters for the lower socioeconomic group in the community, places like lifeline and st Vincent de Paul are mainly available to those that need financial assistance or clothing and furniture at super cheap prices, the stigma associated does not openly allow for everyday people to feel comfortable in their shops, so if I don’t feel comfortable, how would an elderly person go trying to work out who they could befriend when they feel they have no one, if they cant go to the groups that are there to help, where can they go?

Obviously this is just my conjecture, I have no evidence to base these assumptions on, I just have the perspective from them outside looking in.

I want to ask you all to look around and really see who is around you, who may need help, or a friend or just a kind word in passing. This could very well be the only contact that person has all day, or the only civil communication in a while. I suppose if we all do it there wont be so many people dying alone and not being found until they have all bar faded from the surroundings.

Live your Truth

Smile and Breath Deeply, for this is a beautiful life.

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