2018 – Living that truth

So I suppose that there is a number of people questioning what it is that we can all do to live our truth.

There is so much advice passed down to us now, through facebook and parents, friends and books. The reality is that we all have to live our own truth. We all have to take a portion of the things we hear and see and collectively create a path for ourselves with it.

So in living my truth, I made a conscience decision to embrace and own the mistakes in my past and move forward with honesty on a daily basis. I think a lot of our life is sugar coated and we each think and feel independently about the individual goings on that occur.

For example I have heard a lot of differing conversations over the holiday period, I have had the opportunity to sit in on and listen to many peoples daily lives and past stories, these have each individually affected me, I have an opinion on them, I have thoughts and feelings connected to these interactions and as I have said before once we voice these opinions we cannot take the words back, they cannot be unsaid, so I stay quiet and keep all those collective feelings to myself. Living my truth means that I have to be prepared to stay silent when I most want to speak and it also means that I must sit back and watch while people around me struggle and deal with the fall out from the decisions and choices that they make. That is living my truth. I did not want to be told what my issues were, I did not want to hear what others felt about the decisions I had been making, I personally felt that people should mind their own business, so on that path I have also decided to impart this act of silence on anyone that needs to be told….sometimes you have to be quiet, mind your own .. live within the boundaries of your truth. We too often lend advice only to not abide by it ourselves.

A lot of people talk about the changes they are going to make in 2018, the resolutions and promises that will 90% go by the wayside, if we were all to do the things we most want to do, if we were all to go forward day by day achieving the small things that take us towards our goals, then we would be actively changing everyday.

So live your truth, if that means that smoking is really affecting you and you need to stop…STOP

If that love of potato chips is leading towards an overweight and unfit end, stop eating them

IF you want to join a gym and get fitter….get to the gym and sign up

You want to learn more this year, don’t hesitate …get on the computer or make a call and enrol in classes.

The journey of 1000 miles…begins with just one step, so take the step in the right direction towards your dreams.

Sounds almost too simple, but really we all know we have daily actions that are a necessity, so we should make the fulfillment of our dreams a daily necessity.

When I was younger , one off hand comment stayed with me even till today….

Do you want to get to the end of your life and think …. I wish I had?? Or do you want to get there and smile remembering the journey

Smile and Breath Deeply everyone…take that step

Live your truth.

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