No one person is to blame, and what good is blame anyway? It wont bring Dolly back..

Dolly Everett took her life on the 3rd of January, she made that decision in part due to the bullying she was subject to.

From this point with the encouragement of Kate and Tick Everett Dolly’s parents and Meg her sister the #stopbullyingnow banner has been sent around on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, on my blog it has been read in over 30 countries and been reposted thousands of times, we have seen Matt the Outback Wrangler backing the cause, personal messages from strangers and Akubra Australia showing us the face of little Dolly some 8 years earlier when she was the poster child of their Christmas advertising.

I personally have fielded hundreds of messages and comments. Along with the good there is also the bad, there are extreme reactions to a beautiful child taking her own life. Some have directed their comments like that of a witch hunt for the bullies to be named and shamed. Some feel the government needs to do more, the schools need to be more vigilant and more accountable. Parents need to do more to educate their own children.

Dollys death is a tragedy, a plain and simple tragedy. Could it have been avoided? That is a question no one can answer, a person who commits suicide with 100% intent does not plan to let you know of their choice. I need everyone to understand that there is no blame to be leveled at any 1 person, no good can come from making another child or adult feel like they caused Dollys death. You cannot blame yourself for not seeing the warning signs, you cannot second guess your part in Dollys life choices. Unfortunately Dolly and Dolly alone made this terrible decision and in its wake we all need to recognise why and try and eradicate it from happening to someone else. That is the point of putting Dollys face on this Anti-bullying campaign. She is no longer here to speak out, she wasn’t strong enough in life to stand up so in her death we will stand for her.

So please, be kind to each other, be understanding and tolerant and most of all do not look to blame individuals, that wont bring Dolly back, but instead lets make a stand against the erosion that is Bullying, not only in our schools but also our workplaces and homes.

Smile, Breath Deep and be Grateful

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