2018…Maybe now I can be something amazing!

Now its time to breath deeply and look to the future, actually that is everyday, we need to look to the future every moment because we aren’t going back, we can’t change the past, but all our power and success and satisfaction lies in the future and what we can make of it.

I have tried to do so many courses over the course of my adult life and to date I can honestly say I have not successfully finished one, I have passed units and gained credits for subjects and not strung them together to become an actual degree. No, I take that back, I am a qualified Remedial Masseuse with a piece of paper to prove it. Other than that however I have completed no course stream…and that is definitely my goal.

I mean really, I have now jumped from 15000 feet out of a plane and not stuck with study…I have to do it, I will do it, I am going to complete something before my last breath……Now…what do I want to be when I grow up ? Damn it, how do I complete something when I don’t know what I want to really do?

Adulting is hard.


Live your truth Guys !!!

One thought on “2018…Maybe now I can be something amazing!

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  1. Maybe helping kids, kids like Dolly,, maybe a degree in something like that. As u are so good at seeing things different and kids just love u. You are like there hero as you are so fun to be around.


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