I have been silent since Dollys funeral because, I myself took the day quite hard, so hard in fact that I deactivated my social media. All of it for the day so that I could Breath.

What an emotional time for the teams of Australians that have gotten onboard with the Dollys Dream Campaign to shine a light on Bullying and eradicate suicide in our youth.

I have been absolutely flawed by the response to the Dolly posts and the comments and inboxes I have received in regards to people suffering under the strain and grief of suicide.

There are so many heart wrenching stories, real, brave Australians taking their own lives because the mountains seem too high, the challenges too great. What is going on?

As one friend said, This is not a problem that begun yesterday, this is human nature.

Human nature, survival of the fittest. It is a endemic problem that has been happening since the dawn of time. It is in us to want to be the best, it is in us to break the weak and follow the strong.

So changing the face of human nature is almost a hurdle too great. What we look to achieve is changing the mindset of our children, one at a time so that instead of growing the behaviour, we recognise it, we stamp on it and we change the stigma. When the bully becomes the shunned then we will have won, when the bully is looked down on by all around and made feel small then we have won because there will always be bully’s in our world, but our individual and group reactions to them can be changed, we can stand against the behaviour and we can make them feel bad for their actions.

To all the wonderful people who have reached out and shared their story with me, Thankyou for inviting me into your world, my heart goes out to each and every one of you and I hope that you find peace. The journey of loss is long but the daily walk through the memories can be uplifting.

To the people who have voiced their issues with this campaign, the negative and the concerned, I have not put your words out to the world because causing grief on top of grief benefits no one. There are 3 sides to a story and I understand that there is always more to a story than what we hear, but the end result for everyone is a life lost, a trauma so great that we cannot possibly understand the effects. Parents losing children, Wives losing husbands, siblings gone, the end result is the same, the burden was too much to bear and the life was ended. So you can stand up yourselves, put your own names out there and question the details, but the cause is far greater, the good that can be done is huge and so in the end the loss of life was not for nothing, something amazing grew from it.


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