Being a Mum and Moving forward !!!

Am sitting and waiting for my son to arrive at emergency so that I can have his shoulder checked. It’s broken but at this stage we are not sure how badly. A night with mates that turns into a tackle fest and snap…then ofcourse surrounded by experts in the field, they attempt to pop in a definite dislocation…Ummm Wrong! Needless to say I am a typical mother who only wants the best for her boy and is worried sick about the long term prognosis…I mean ofcourse my son is the best mechanic in his field and will be a literal genius in his trade so we simply cannot risk the injury not being seen by the best for the very best outcome…hehehehe

You all may have noticed that I haven’t really been blogging since I sent out the query about what I should study…so the blog silence has actually been a great thing because I have enrolled and been accepted into university …officially a Griffith university student, studying a Bachelor of Social Work. I am aiming to get into Youth work and specifically in our schools. So it’s been a great exciting, scary time for me as I make the mental commitment and now am on my path without fear of failure..I know I can do this and what’s more I really am enjoying the work..although Georgia now says all we do is work or study it’s all for the best!

With the added work load of actual mental work I have managed to also attract to me a lot more work at Woolworths. Lucky for me the wonderful Natasha has taken me onboard in Online and I am now one of the happy, friendly, personal shoppers for online delivery and click and collect. they say that we attract what we hope for and I have literally attracted work 6 days a week and lots of mind expansion in my study. To think that not that long ago I was looking out of my kitchen window and wondering if I was ever going to be able to find a job and whether I would form any type of friendship group in this new town and place I want to call home.

I am so so pleased to have been given the opportunity with Woolworths, you can simply not imagine the amazing people I get to work and joke with and share the journey of their lives. It really is a place of many crazy people….

I have become a part of the Woolworths family and find that I enjoy the time I work, which means it doesn’t feel like I am going to work so much, it is now a 6 day a week position and I couldn’t be happier.

I know that it is not what I want to do for the rest of my life obviously because I really want to do the social working with children, but to come to a new town and know nobody really and then join such a wonderful company has made my transition amazing.

While I have had a lot of ups and downs I find that I am now in the best place possible for mental recovery and inclusion.

And isn’t that the aim, aren’t we all just looking to fit in, aren’t we all just wanting that social group that make us feel accepted and safe? To walk into a store and have a smile received from each staff member, like a club of people that know a secret ..

I am finally home.

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