We can be fined for J-Walking but bullying causing death is fine….????

In light of one of the biggest campaigns I can remember, the Dollys Dream Foundation has grown in support and love since its inception under the very worst circumstances.

I have had nothing but love and support for Tic, Kate and Meg during a time that is hard enough without the organizational responsibility of a charity to get on its feet.

I have personally been bombarded with questions and in some instances I have had less than positive comments made about this amazing achievement with the anti-bullying campaigning.

Bullying is an epidemic, I have said it before, and now more than ever we are seeing so many more incidents in the media, because the lid has been blown open, it is not an acceptable norm, it is in fact a terrible degrading, leeching disease in the core of us as humans.

Bullying eclipses the generations, no one is free from its touch, it has become a social norm that is no longer questioned, just accepted in a social set. I have talked to generations of family that all suffered varying forms of bullying throughout their life and still to this day we have those that simply cannot leave others alone, it is a simplistic form of tall poppy syndrome in Australia, lets pull down those that have more, want more and could be more because we are lost and shallow ourselves.

It truly is time for accountability. It truly is time for change in our acceptance levels

It truly is time to keep the light on in regards to Bullying in any form and put in place serious laws that will impact those that are at fault. We can get a ticket for speeding in the street under the guise of public safety, but we have no repercussions for an act that is so degrading it can can, will, has caused death. Come on people!!

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