The Problem as I see it… The MORE disease!!

How is it that we always want more?

In our home we want more stuff, with our bodies we want more muscle or need more exercise, in our jobs we want more money, when we find our passion we want to pursue it and spend more time on it.

it’s that MORE disease. It corrodes us, changes us into greedy, needy people that are never truly happy.

No matter what has happened in my life the quest for more will always win, it has made me the person that always wanted the next best thing, the next big job, the next goal.

So I listen to audiobooks and I read when I can around studying social work and I read positive affirmations, my Facebook friends are constantly sharing gratitude and success and I remind myself all the time that there is Want and Need and if I want something I don’t need it !! I question the purpose, I justify the purchase and the two little conscious voices in my mind argue out the spending.

Its like a multiple personality disorder, it is David and Goliath on an individual battle field.

Platitudes are needed… I just want to save the world

I just want to know that I made a difference in 1 persons life and then I can die happy

See in life I want More so that death is justified

OMG, Remember when we did not have phones, so we went to school and came home and did not hear from or really think about what everyone else was doing until we caught up again at school, church or a sporting event. We were genuinely BORED all the time as children, yet we filled our days by making cubby houses in trees and thick bush, riding horses, building mud dams, chasing rabbits and going for long walks to clear our childish minds of the anger and resentment we had for our parents who were watching the AFL on a Saturday afternoon, not the Disney movie. We grumbled at having to do Emu Parades around the yard so Dad could mow, and we hated being asked to feed the chooks because the Rooster always tried to attack us. We resented being sent to get the cow and calf in because the Cow would chase us all the way to the yards. We just wanted to do our own thing, yet we were never sure what that really was because there was never anything to do….So Bored.

To experience that innocent childhood angst again, to be that Bored and that normal, it was uncomplicated and a time when we knew we were loved and safe. Ofcourse our parents did not understand us, how could they possibly understand that we needed more, we wanted more…and there it is WANT. Our friends had new shoes, I want a pair . They had a new handheld Nintendo with Donkey Kong, I wanted one. They had new uniforms for school not second hand. I wanted one.

Do you know what? I wanted all of that because I thought that would help me fit in. It would make me Normal. It would make me like all the other kids.

Yet I was normal, I was lucky. I had a Mum and Dad, Home, Food, Clothes and Bed to sleep in, shoes on my feet and a brain in my head, yet I WANTED more.

How in the world did this happen, how in the world can you change this, how can we reverse the damage.

Stop the WANT, appreciate the HAVE, Experience the NOW. Don’t look BACK. YOU DONT NEED MORE ANYTHING!!

On that note .. I need MORE Coffee …..

Smile and Breath Deep


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