And thats a wrap.

Today marks the end of an era for the Rohde family, we will no longer be paying to send our daughter to High School. We will no longer be paying for every outing, uniform change, involuntary/voluntary school improvement charge.

To say that we have had issue over the years with people in power within the school system would be an understatement. That dreaded call from an all too familiar number stating that our child had upset another, broken a rule or not turned up to school.

My children can be absolute ^&^holes, I am not a rose coloured glasses mother, both daughter and son have chosen difficult roads to the end goal but at the end of the day I believe they have learnt from the mistakes and in some cases they have fought for themselves and others when they have felt slighted or condemned by a broken ideal.

To speak to the youth of today I find myself doing what those generations before have done and starting a conversation with ‘In my day..’ which ofcourse as it did for me made them instantly defend their actions and rue the tirade of ancient history stories they were about to hear.

I have been fortunate to raise strong independent free thinking individuals. They are my greatest achievement. Both have a strong moral compass but an overwhelming desire to enjoy the life they are blessed to have. They have both lived through the death of there brother and processed that loss in different ways, they have each made independent decisions that have brought pain and disharmony but in the end they have lived their own truths and as is the case, learnt from their mistakes.

As parents we are only the guides, yes children learn what they live, so my children have grown up with a strong opinionated parent and one that tried hard to make them step out of every situation and see it from all sides, even when they were bullied or victimized. They have suffered griefs and punishments as all children do and they have formed their own personalities and traits individual to them alone.

I am proud of them both, as any mother would be. But today marks the end of an era, the day that my final child steps away from the school steps and makes decisions and life choices that will ultimately put her where I am today. Closer to 50 and wondering where the years have gone, but moreover remembering so clearly the day I too left school for the final time.

To all those that finish today. Be brave, remember that we have one life, live it, question it, enjoy it…

Smile and Breath deeply

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