What’s on Southern Downs …

I woke up to a rainy view on Saturday morning and decided to drive to the Gold Coast for Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee…because that is what rational people do on a rainy day.

Sunday Morning I awoke to glorious sunshine and a deep desire to get outside…so I thought…What’s on in Warwick

As it turns out for someone like myself it isn’t What’s on in Warwick it is What’s on Southern Downs. Once I had that under control I was excited to find a wealth of options for my Sunday

My poor teenage daughter was barraged with options and told of the agenda for the weekends ahead with of course included the Rodeo and Gold Cup Campdraft here in Warwick which is already making our little town come alive, the competition starts today with the show grounds packed to capacity with trucks and horses.

So people of Warwick, friends from afar and those that just want a look

Check out What’s on Southern Downs on facebook. You may just find something you wouldn’t mind getting out of the house to see. I know the Tai Chai sessions drew me in and I look forward to attending on the 31st.

Till Later

Smile and Breathe Deeply

Warwick Ladies River Walk

Thank you to the wonderful ladies, children and canine that turned up at 9am today to go on the River Walk.

In a bid to make contacts in Warwick and stave off the loneliness I saw a post from another Rachel , saying exactly what I was feeling, looking to meet people, get out and about and just not feel so alone.

This gathering isn’t only about doing exercise, it is an amazing location to get to know those around us and share our stories with others, whilst enjoying the river, flora, fauna and wildlife.

To open yourself up, to give the small snippets of information that spark a light of recognition in another is an incredible connection that inspires kinship.

So I truly encourage anyone that has the time to come on down and meet some locals who really want to meet YOU. Let’s build a strong community that fosters acceptance and generosity and enjoy the beautiful town we get to call Home.

Look up Warwick Ladies River Walk on Facebook. 9am Monday and 3.30 Wednesday afternoons and any interest in a later walk, I like to head over around 3 times a week with my dogs at 5.00 ish and would love to have company..Don’t be afraid to show up and say Hi!

From Personal Banker to W.O.W

Being a farmers wife, its a off the cuff pun to joke about the dreaded bank manager.

This is so far removed from the experiences that I have had with my own personal banker here in Warwick. While everyone has a preferred bank and reasoning for, I am proud to be an ANZ customer and was grateful to meet Anne-Lousie Byrne. As is my tendancy, I babble on in a vain attempt to create a connection when I am with strangers and mentioned my blog and what I hoped to achieve not only on a personal level but also to promote Warwick.

The response I received was amazing, Anne-Louise was so happy to recommend me to other like minded people, and suggested I get involved with the Chamber of Commerce, but more over the Women of Warwick WOW group. Whilst it sounds like an elite fraternity, I am told it is a group of local women, sharing their stories and inspiring others.

Well say no more..I want in!!

As I explained to Anne-Louise, it isnt a well advertised, known group, without thorough research on Warwick and all its committees and sub-committees there are so many businesses and organisations that are just not visual in a world that demands internet presence.

My brief time so far in Warwick has been a struggle personally, for an outwardly brave, strong, in control women I became a recluse in 2 months. I did not know where to begin, who to reach out to and even when I was told what meetings to attend, I was too scared to go, its hard meeting new people and not knowing what questions would come my way I shyed away from anything that possibly may have helped me.

Well thats me for today …

Till Next Time

Breathe Deeply and Keep Smiling

What a Buzz .. Warwick !!

Today I had the pleasure of talking briefly with the Mayor of the Southern Downs Regional Council , Tracy Dobie.

A stop at the local Telstra Shop for assistance with the latest IPad for my Blogging led me to meet Tracy and between the Telstra Ladies and myself we regaled her with thoughts of Warwick, what to dos and where to sees. What an absolutely beautiful woman she is and extremely passionate about the Warwick Shire. After talking of our concerns about Tourism and getting small business on the tourist map, talk turned to the differences between

Warwick and Stanthorpe, one championing Wine and Craft Beers, gardens and vegetables and the other having a thriving sports presence that enables local motels and B&Bs to thrive whilst other local businesses benefit as well.

Morgan Park was spoken of with its high sporting reservations, some 40+ weekends a year there is an event out at the Morgan Park grounds, be it horses, motorbikes or racing cars of every type, there is a wealth of activity in Warwick. To look around at this beautiful town, there are so many friendly faces, the pace is not fast and the smiles are wide.

There are a wealth of schools, volunteer organisations and business holders. Local Market gardeners, produce availability weekly along with mechanical parts and servicing that is well priced and run by friendly local people.

While I struggled initially to understand where I could fit in this gorgeous town, I am starting to see the unlimited potential in Warwick, the people that are always happy to smile or wave as you walk or drive by, the chats at the Post office and the cordial greetings at the coffee shops.

With the help of some local mothers I have also been made aware of cost free entertainment for the children, day trips to local dams, Queen Mary falls in November is abundant with fireflies and glow worms (I learnt today) and the local parks and river walks are second to none the most beautiful, clean, areas in Warwick. Again I am being reminded that there is no reason to sit indoors, less reason to shut myself away and feel alone.

I just needed to reach out with a kind word and get a conversation started. Feel free to reach out and start a conversation with me today, share your ideas and views, I look forward to the conjecture.

Before I go…Shout out to the wonderful staff at the Telstra Shop in Rose City Shopping Centre. Best service ever, honest, friendly and down to earth. Considering they are under the pump with customers everywhere I never saw anything but smiles. Thanks guys, I’ll be sure to check in for more local hints and tips.

Till then

Smile and Breathe Deep..

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